Best Vocal Delay Pedals – 2018

TC Helicon Voice Live Play - Vocal Delay Pedal

What are the best Vocal Delay Pedals in 2018?

Vocal effects pedals can be split into two categories, singular function (one core effect) and multi functional units (in-built with multiple vocal effects). There are not many singular function delay pedals, instead this article will discuss the best delay pedals, which will include both singular function and multi-function vocal effects pedals.

Delay is an effect in which a sound signal is repeated several milliseconds after the original signal. This effect is not to be confused with reverb, which is a slight delay, within less milliseconds, hence the audible sound, appears to be a continuation of the original sound, rather than a separate, repeated entity. Find out about our recommended Vocal Reverb Pedals here.

So, with that being said, lets get to the best vocal delay pedals in 2018!

Top 5 Vocal Delay Pedals for vocalists

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Sustain Punch’s – Best Vocal Delay Pedals

 1- TC Helicon Voice Live Play


TC Helicon Voice Live Play - Vocal Delay Pedal

Main Features/Benefits

  • Multiple vocal effects, including vocal delay, reverb, doubling, hardtune (vocal pitch correction)
  • In-built footpedal switch (Tap Tempo functionality)
  • ‘Roomsense’ functionality
  • Microphone Control Functionality with MP-75/56 & Sennheiser E 835 FX
  • Looping (15/30/60 second intervals)
  • under $300


Although this pedal has a multitude of functions and vocal effects available, it does not support guitar (acoustic or electric) integration and subsequently does not have any guitar effects, that the VoiceLive Play Electric & VoiceLive Play Acoustic processors do.

We have featured a comparison table below, showing the differentiating features available:

VoiceLive Play                   VoiceLive Play Electric             VoiceLive Play Acoustic

Multi Effects Vocal Pedal Comparison Chart