Autotune Microphones – Best Autotune Microphone Controllers

Autotune Microphone

Autotune is a vocal effect that is widely used in modern pop music. It has been so widely used, other genres have also adopted the functionality to help create new vocal sounds.

The original use for autotune was in studio, to slightly nudge a singer’s vocal take into perfect pitch, after-all not every singer can stay in pitch 100% of the time, they can often be slightly flat or sharp, but to save the vocal take, autotune was able to help.

Autotune then became available for live use, with singers being able to use live Autotune Pedals/Processors to correct their vocal performance in real-time.

But, what exactly are Autotune Microphones?

Well, Autotune Microphones technically do not exist, however, what does exist is a Autotune Microphone Controller.

These a microphones that have the functionality to integrate directly with your vocal effects pedal/processor , which in this case is your autotune effects unit, so that you can turn the autotune effect on/off by clicking a button on the microphone itself… sounds great right!

Well, we’ve featured the best autotune microphone controller below, alongside the pedals that it is able to be integrated with.


1 – TC Helicon MP-76 Microphone

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This dynamic microphone is the newer of the TC Helicon microphone controller range and provides high-quality vocal tone, whilst handling feedback rejection. Below a diagram showing you how the MP-76 is made to give a professional sound:

Auto tune Microphone Controller MP-76


The major advantage of this model over the previous one (MP-75) is the visual backlit display that shows the singer what exact preset they have selected, this is especially useful as it can often be hard to hear yourself on-stage, with a band playing around you. Not only this, but you don’t want to be worrying about which exact preset you’re on, whilst on-stage, as this would only take away from the authenticity and charisma of the performance.

Since this microphone and effects pedal controller has been designed by TC Helicon, one can only expect that it integrates with all of their autotune devices, which would be correct. They are as follows: Compatible with VoiceLive 3, VoiceLive Touch 2, VoiceLive Play, Voicelive Play Acoustic, Voicelive Play Electric, and VoiceSolo FX150

According to other reviews of the microphone, besides from the upgrades, it has similar functionality to the previous model and therefore is compatible with all of the previous model’s effects pedals that were around when it was released, these include: VoiceLive 2, VoiceLive Touch, VoiceTone Singles, Harmony-G XT and the Create XT.

The previous model TC Helicon MP-75 Microphone is still a fantastic option for those who are on more of a budget, with this microphone costing $99.99 as opposed to the MP-76’s $179.99. But I would recommend the MP-76, knowing full well that you have enough to worry about whilst being on stage, without wanting to second-guess the preset you’ve currently picked.